What is digital switchover?

Switchover is when all analogue television in the UK switches off to just a digital signal. This is happening between 2008 and 2012, one region at a time. (Note: digital switchover doesn't apply to radio.)

To make sure you keep your TV service, you will need to convert your TV to digital before the switchover happens in your region. (Just a set top box costing around £10 to £15 is all you will need)

When will switchover happen in my area?

Digital UK, an independent organisation, is co-ordinating the switchover. You will get plenty of advance warning, and there will be lots of information and help available. The switchover will happen between now and 2012, one region at a time. Yorkshire has just been set at 7th September 2011 for channels BBC1 and BBC2 with channels ITV1, CHL4 and CHL5 on the 21st September 2011.

Going digital is not difficult and need not be expensive. For more information, just call any of our numbers or alternatively you can visit Digital UK.

What do I need to do to be ready for switchover?

You need to make sure your TV can receive digital signals. If you can already watch more than five channels, it is probably digital already. If not, you will need to adapt it by connecting it to a digital set-top box, or replace it. This applies to all the TV sets in your home, and to any recorder (video or DVD) that you use to record from the TV.

You can wait to go digital until nearer the time if you want, or you can get ready now.

Can I get help with the switchover?

The Government has announced a Help Scheme for some people who may have difficulty in going digital. This scheme is being funded by the BBC licence fee. If you are eligible you will receive equipment, help with installation and follow-up support, either free or for a subsidised fee. The Help Scheme is available to people who are aged 75 or over, or registered blind or partially sighted, or entitled to certain social security benefits. For more information, please visit Switchover Help Scheme.

Why is the switchover happening?

Digital is now the best technology for broadcasting TV. To make sure everyone in the UK can receive it, the signal needs to be available for free everywhere, ideally through a normal aerial. At present, around 74% of households are in areas where this is possible. Digital signals for the rest of the country can only be switched on when the existing analogue ones are switched off. After switchover almost everyone (at least 98.5%) will be able to receive digital TV through an aerial.