What is HD or Freesat HD?

HD or HD TV stands for high definition, and it's a new development in digital TV.

HD gives very clear, crisp pictures with vivid colours and up to five times more detail than ordinary standard definition TV. Some programmes are made with cinema-style 'surround sound'. HD broadcasts are particularly suited to flat TV screens (LCD and plasma).

  • Freesat:

    the subscription-free digital satellite TV service from the BBC and ITV includes BBC HD. To get Freesat, you make a one-off payment for the HD digital box and installation. For more information, please call us and we will help you with this.
  • Freeview HD:

    a television service that offers HD channels, including the BBC HD channel, available via your existing TV aerial, free. In order to view these HD channels you will need a Freeview HD box that connects to an HD-ready TV. You also get access to up to 50 SD digital channels and radio stations. To check if you can receive Freeview HD at your address please call us and we will help you with this.

High Definition Television (HD) uses the latest technology to bring clearer and sharper television pictures to your home. HD services are already on-air in some parts of the world and they are about to be launched in the UK.

To view HD you need a high definition display and there is an industry 'kite mark' to show whether a particular display is ready for high definition broadcasts. This web site will show you which displays have passed the tests and are 'HD ready'.

To check a display, use the form on this page: select a brand, or enter all or part of a model name and number, or choose a screen size and click the 'Show me' button. To see all the displays we have in our database just click the button. There is a link with each display listed to take you to the manufacturer's web site for further information.